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paving of the streets)

saint henri de taillon) saint henri paul taillon municipality residents who will not bow to the paving of the streets rclament tremblay, a link road for 20 rsidences.

last week, a group of citizens has jam access area to protest against the municipal organization of the local jeannoise. to make a mcontente tommy hilfiger ment is continuing to grow over the years.

paving the tronon, which shoots a ncessiterait kilomtre, an investment of about $500000. the mayor was catgorique andr paradise on this point: we do not have the means.

on monday night, when the public and the mayor’s council ritr position prior to interrupt the power of the hammer.

they also expressed their dola tommy hilfiger nces questions, and we understand what they are saying. but we live in a rural setting, and we do not have the capacity to meet demand, « he told, at the end of the assembly.

according to rdna heaven, tommy hilfiger there is no fate of the villgiateurs infrastructure program.

we are once again punching bag between tommy hilfiger the citizens and the government. everything is done in urban environments. what more can we do like?

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